Millie-Kaye AmosMillie-Kaye Amos
Passed First Time
Esther is a wonderful driving instructor. She has helped me each and every way. Step-by-step Esther has been there, whether in person or via messages. Her kind and positive attitude was a huge help. I felt like all my worries and thoughts were eased. The student-centred LD system was a huge help as well. Especially the test prep. The theory test resources were amazing. I found them very useful. The mock tests were very similar to the real test. Overall I would 100% recommend Esther and the LDC system to other students.

Martin Heasman
Refresher Lessons
I booked refresher lessons with Esther having passed my test and not driven for many years. The short journeys I’ve attempted prior to lessons I was a nervous wreck! Esther helped me overcome those nerves. She is a very calm and supportive instructor. Her feedback was incredibly useful in supporting me in improving my skill. I’d forgotten a lot since passing and Esther really helped me gain back confidence. I was able to suggest areas to work on whilst Esther guided me through all aspects of road craft. By the end I was enjoying driving and feel confident enough to continue this on my own. A big thank you to Esther!

Lili-Belle MasonLili-Belle Mason
A successful lesson on MSM for Lili-Belle (and Dolly)
I think Esther is a very good driving instructor, especially because she is new. She always has a plan and explains things well and I enjoy my lessons with her. She is very patient and calm which is good and she teaches me well.

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